Super Heroes vs Westboro Baptist

Super Heroes vs. the “God Hates Fags” People

Sometimes the most effective way of showing that something is silly is to just go with it. Like...let's grant your premise and take it all the way to the end. "God Hates Fags" is already pretty far along, so you have to go a heckuva long way to reach … [Read more...]

my uterus is an ally.jpg

We Love Surrogate Moms

When the Political Loudmouth crew went to the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco, the happiest people we met all day were these surrogate mothers. They are all carrying children for gay couples, and they're so filled with joy about what they are doing … [Read more...]

Latest Marriage Equality Poster

This has been a very fun series of posters to work on. We've gotten so much feedback and engendered so much discussion that this has basically been the funnest thing we've done yet. So thanks to everyone who participated, shared, blogged, reblogged, … [Read more...]

Latest Legalize Cannabis Poster

We've just finished a new poster in our Legalize and Tax Dope series. In a daring move, we've made this cute little number 8.5 x 14, so you'll need to print it out on legal size paper. Ooooooo. Some notes for those who like to discuss: California … [Read more...]