Blue Pages

Where Corporate Money Goes

This booklet, published by PoliPointPress, lists most large corporations and who they give money to. You might be surprised at what a casual perusal will turn up. By having access to this information, you can shop smart and vote with your credit … [Read more...]

Madatoms - Gay Arguments

Responses to Arguments Against Marriage Equality

Our friends at Madatoms have done it again: "Reason to Oppose Gay Marriage: Next people will be able to marry, goats, sheep, or the farm animal of their choice and make sweet, sweet love to them. Why You're Wrong: No one needs to marry barnyard … [Read more...]

BAGGIE SHARE 72 8.5x11.jpg

New Poster: Tax That Baggie!

California budget problems: Ouchie! Ouchie! We'll do ourselves a favor by taxing the state's most popular weed. Conservative estimates run to over $1 billion in sales and excise taxes alone. Not to mention moving law enforcement and justice dept … [Read more...]

Corey - Co-exist

A Loudmouth Takes on “National Organization for Marriage”

We're so proud to see a bold spirit like J Corey Davis taking on the "National Organization For Marriage" in Indiana. When this well-funded and highly-connected groupĀ  held one of their rallies in celebration of narrow-minded bigotry, Corey sallied … [Read more...]

Loveless Marriage Ban.jpg

“Purity of Mariage” Act Creates a Ruckus in Minnesota

Will Gov. Pawlenty (R) of Minnesota sign the "Purity of Marriage" Act? It's hard to say, but I wouldn't put anything past Mr. Pawlenty, who is clearly eyeing the White House in 2012 and hopes to do an end-run around populist Sarah Palin. See news … [Read more...]

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Cash for California

By controlling and taxing this widely used recreational drug, California would gain $1 billion a year in sales taxes and excise taxes alone. Not to mention being able to free all the resources that now go into police and legal systems that must … [Read more...]