Mystery Of The 7,500 Surprise Prosser Votes Solved

Oh, so THAT's where they were! Of course! To download a printable version of this poster, just click on the image. To see more posters related to Wisconsin, click here. … [Read more...]

Repuplican County Clerk Discovers 7,500 New Votes for Prosser

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus "corrected" her area's vote count with 7,500 extra votes for Prosser. Nickolaus is a former Republican staff member in the Assembly Republican Caucus and has been criticized in the past by the Waukesha County … [Read more...]


New Poster: “Thanks to the Police, You’re Not Up to Your Ass in Sociopaths.”

I know I'm grateful that I don't have to track down dangerous thugs and engage in firefights to keep them out of my neighborhood. The local police force and FBI are both aspects of what our government does for us. It's hard to imagine that the … [Read more...]