New Poster: “Should You Have to Prove To the IRS That You Were Raped?”

Should rape and incest survivors be forced to prove that they were assaulted to the IRS? Amazingly, the Republicans in the House of Representatives have answered with a resounding “Yes!” HR 3, the bill that includes this provision, has now passed in the House.

Here’s how it would work: HR 3 imposes tax penalties on small businesses and individuals who buy abortion coverage with their OWN money—with exceptions only for cases of rape, incest, or when a woman’s life is in danger.

The result? Survivors of rape and incest who seek abortions could be forced to detail their assaults and provide proof to IRS investigators.

Tell the Senate to stand up against this terrible bill, and speak out against the Republican war on women. Please sign the MoveOn.org petition today.

To download a printable version of this poster, just click on the image above.

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