New Poster! “Get Your Burn On: Fire Up the Fight Against the War on Women.”

The right wing campaign against women continues to grow. This is the moment to gather our forces and strike back. When is the time to get fired up? Now! To download a free, printable version of this poster, just click on the art above. If you'd … [Read more...]

Obama Endorses Striking Down DOMA

Today Pres. Obama endorsed Sen. Feinstein's wonderfully-named "Respect for Marriage Act," which will strike down the bigoted "Defense of Marriage Act." Great to see the Dems using the power of language to confuse the opposition. Read story … [Read more...]

New Talking Points: “Labor Peace is a Crazy Liberal Idea”

A new guest post by Dr. William Turner. Visit his web site Everyone’s favorite new, “libertarian” United States Senator, Rand Paul, has taken to distributing a petition in support of his “Right to Work Act,” stating, inter alia, that “This forced … [Read more...]

Whistleblower in News of the World Phone Hacking Case Found Dead

Sean Hoare, the journalist who broke open the phone hacking case at the British tabloid News of the World, was found dead on Monday. This case, which has so far caused the closure of News of the World, torpedoed Murdoch's bid for control of BSkyB, … [Read more...]

The Net is Closing in Around the Murdochistas

Rebekah Brooks, the previous director of the Murdoch British tabloids, has just been arrested. We've already seen Rupert and son cave into pressure to appear before the British Parliament. Does this mean that Murdoch's American doppelganger, Fox … [Read more...]

New Poll: Americans blame Bush for bad economy by a wide margin

It's good to see that Americans can see causes and effects, and we're not the flatworms that Fox News and the Republican Party often take us for. A new poll by Quinnipiac University indicates that 54 percent of Americans think Bush is to blame for … [Read more...]

Women in Combat Poster

New poster: Women in combat roles?

You may not realize that women in the military are technically not allowed to serve in combat roles, event though the work they do now routinely puts them on the front lines, under fire. The ban on women in combat roles is an anachronism that … [Read more...]