Carbonite Folds!

Latest Rush news. Carbonite is dropping the Limbaugh show. A day or two ago, the Carbonite CEO did a kind of partial apology with a "I will meet with Rush" thingy, and I guess he got hammered for it, cuz he has changed his tune. “No one with … [Read more...]

We Are Winning!

According to the Huffington Post, Legal Zoom, Citrix Success, Heart and Body Extract, AutoZone, Quicken Loans, Sleep Train, Sleep Number and Oreck all confirmed that they would no longer advertise on Limbaugh's show. At least nine companies remain … [Read more...]


New Poster: “We Will Consume You With Righteous Fire, Execrable Slug Man.”

By now, you've almost certainly heard about the really filthy and bizarre attack by Rush Limbaugh on a young female female law student who was testifying about birth control. We invite you to join the throng putting pressure on Limbaugh's sponsors. … [Read more...]