BREAKING: 98 Large Advertisers Are Pulling Their Ads Off Rage-Spewing Radio Shows

BREAKING NEWS: 98 large advertisers have decided to pull their ads from rage-spewing radio shows, reaching far beyond just Limbaugh. This group includes Ford, GM, Toyota, Allstate, Geico, Prudential, State Farm, McDonald’s, Subway, and many others.

This means we are winning, and winning big! Thanks to everyone who is helping to pull the haters down! Give yourselves a hand!

And before you start to worry about freedom of speech, as all of us good liberals do, please consider this: Haters are guaranteed the right to speak; they are NOT guaranteed a megaphone.

Let’s keep up the pressure! We can change the American airwaves for good! Thanks everyone!

Read more about this at the Daily Beast.

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