Right-Wing Operatives Grotesquely Use Death of Amabassador Christopher Stevens

Right-wing operatives have been circulating the photo above, attempting in the most grotesque way to capitalize on the death of this man and other American citizens killed in the Libya embassy attack.

If you’d like to contact the Romney Campaign and ask them about this image, they can be reached at 857-288-3500.

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  1. That’s all this man’s torture and death means to the left, “what difference does it make”, and “Republicans outraged for political gain.” They could care less that these men were not protected, horribly tortured and murdered for 7 hours while the powerful United States military was told to stand down by The White House. Why? Because it looked bad prior to the election for a terror attack on 911. Let them die, make this go away. Instead Biden and B.H.O. saying, “Osama Bin Laden is dead and G.M. is alive”, they should have been saying “Ambassador Stevens is dead because Hillary is incompetent and Obama didn’t care.”

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