“Y.M.C.A” at the Winter Olympics?

The current surge of anti-gay activities in Russia have been largely orchestrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin as a way to distract the Russian people from the struggling economy by finding an internal enemy at whom to vent their rage.

As the eyes of the world turn to the Winter Olympics, Russian gay bashing is taking center stage, and some participants feel bound to make a response. The Dutch brass band, Kleintje Pils, slated to perform at the Olympic speed skating ovals, is considering making a political statement through their choice of music: ”Y.M.C.A.” by the  iconic gay 70′s group, the Village People.

Ruud Bakker, the band’s leader, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Kleintje Pils might add “Y.M.C.A.” to its sing-along repertoire as “a signal.” ”We will see if we can get one or two songs into the selection, knowing that in the Netherlands it will be seen as a signal we are thinking of them (gays),” Bakker said.

A newly minted Putin-backed law banning information on “nontraditional sexual relations” has provoked widespread international outrage, and it remains to be seen how Russian and Olympic authorities would react to the performance of a song widely considered to be a gay anthem.

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