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Hello, friends. Thanks for stopping by. This is the place to find political graphics to download and share, and also articles about pressing issues of the day.

Thanks so much to Upworthy.com, DailyKos, Forbes.com, MoveOn.org, and Dallas Voice for featuring so many of our graphics on their pages. And thank you, Sarah Silverman, for tweeting one of our stickers!

Recent highlights: In January 2014, we passed 13 million post views per month on our FaceBook page. 

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  1. Friday Mom says:

    Thanks for all the hard work you put in, guys ‘n gals. We share tons of your stuff, even though it makes some of my relatives blow a valve. :D

  2. U suck says:

    What a bunch of libby lib crap! Don’t you have anything better to do than play in your coloring books all day?

    Dig a ditch! Fuck a Hooters waitress! Do something useful!

  3. Beltway Bob says:

    You guys have some good stuff going here. It is great to see political messages that are not all about bashing, although I see you did “go there” around election time. Understandable, I guess.

  4. Yarn Is Good says:

    Well, it is good to be bold but we most also show respect for everyone otherwise no one listens to anyone.

  5. DogLover says:

    Just stomp their tiny little wingnut heads, and then we will win!

    Puppies for all! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  6. 12AngryZen says:

    Wheee, the complainers are here!

    That’s how you know you are really getting somewhere!

    Okay, PoiticalLoudmouth,go, go, go!

  7. Land Viking says:

    I saw a bunch of your stuff on the Fox boards

    why are you such asshioles?

  8. J Planfich says:

    seems like you’re putting a lot of effort into not very much

    like, get a job, guys

  9. ChevvyDude says:

    YOU are not Americans! YOU have no respect for yourself or your NATION

  10. Shanker says:

    i get leetle bit uncomfortable wen I C donkey doing pokey-pokey on elefant hiney

    wat R U implying? hehehe

  11. Dakota Patriot says:

    Why don’t you just jump in the lake, latte boy?

  12. David Blaine says:

    I’m sick of “patriots” who have no respect for other people

  13. Dakota Patriot says:

    See, this “regunican” thing is why people have no respect for liberals. You just call names and then run away. Pussies, anyone?

  14. DukeyHowser says:

    man, all these peeps got a major panty wad happening

    they should just cool out, it’s just fun and whatnot

  15. davidg says:

    i am stoked for you – i saw that write-up, so gratz on that

    hope that other thing comes through for you!

  16. JDagget says:

    yeah, these are okay. Good job makin em.

  17. NotYourBaby says:

    Tumblr is overwhelmed with these things now. Not sure what happened. Guess all those bright colors activated the baby-brains and it was all like REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG.

  18. Shanker says:

    Dese posters r pretty smart and da gay marry ones r funny 2

    me likey


  19. StoneMountainBoyo says:

    Dumbass fag bullshit.Don’t you ever get sick of yourself? I sure do!

  20. DallyDeem says:

    This stuff is so cuuuute! And your FB site with all the hugz is so sweet. I’m sure you are very nice boyz n girlz. Rock on!

  21. Zak says:

    Regarding the gay marriage posters: I strongly identify with the cause and appreciate the effort, but these are disappointing. They aim for ironic irreverence yet fall short, seeming almost genuinely conservative and unwittingly cliché. Denigrating marriage while demanding it? Undercutting women’s rights to choose while promoting gays’ rights to wed? Like I said, disappointing—unless these are really the positions you’re taking, which would not actually be redemptive anyway.

  22. Hey, thanks for all the visits, Facebook folks!

  23. IpsoCalypso says:

    jamba sent me this link

    I think the FB thing is really going to work for you. These gay ones, especially, will make great little tiles!

  24. Wild Cherry says:

    okay NOW you’re having fun!

    Let’s do it!


  25. jambajews says:

    Ha ha the new gay marriage ones are really out there. Thanks for letting us know and I’d def like to hear how the metrics play out.

  26. Hey, just got your email. I’m loving the new gay marriage stuff! You go, grrrls!

  27. tiffanme says:

    LOL@some punk who lives in his mother’s basement!!!

  28. appleaday says:

    I love how Obama is really pushing now for a Wall Street reform bill. Of course, those blood suckers are fighting tooth and nail. It would be great if there were some way to put pressure on them.

  29. plasmadonor says:

    Hey, thanks for letting me know u have some new stuff up! Now let’s turn up the volume! Hey!

  30. tinydumguy says:

    be fun if you did some “bong hits 4 jesus” type stickery and whatnot

  31. jambajews says:

    Cindy forwarded your email to our inbox. Ha ha,some fun stuff. Can’t wait to see your new campaign.

    : – )

  32. patriotsarecool says:

    A friend sent me your link. Same lib crap, I see. Just another Obot watering hole online. Don’t you ever get tired of hearing yourselves whine?

  33. Nice job, guys!

  34. ya ya u got sum pretty kewl stuff

    Ima giv it to sum of my friends and lets rok this hous down

    : P

  35. hey! says:

    hey, what’s taking you guys so long! U been working on this 4 ages! C/mon artistes! I’ve got hackles to raise and pluses to non! Gimme a poster!

  36. Hey, pixie, take a deep breath, hun.

    That’s a political spoof set up as commentary. You can see their site here:


    They do it all with a straight face, so it’s easy to get fooled.



  37. pixiebythesea says:

    Seen that new Prop for 2010 making divorce illegal? WTF!!!

    These people must be nuts! I swear, sometimes i don’t know if I live in California or Mississippi!

  38. the robocracy is ridonkulous! says:

    finally! watch out internets…

    bit zzzzzzzzzzzzzz here in Redding… i’ll be checking for some cool stuff me n’ my mines can hang around town. we have some cool ideas for stuff too, you k if we submit some wit?

  39. davidg says:

    hey, good luck with this–i know things are going to heat up next year

    looks like this will be pretty kewl

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