WIND Power Europe

Let’s Get Windy

That whooshing  you hear is the sound of electricity prices dropping in many parts of Europe, including Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In 2013, all these countries set new records for the amount of electricity … [Read more...]


No Frackistan, Please

The California Department of Conservation (DOC) is currently soliciting  comments from the public on its proposed oil and gas regulations, with the comment period open through January 14, 2014. (You can see them here.) But the truly cautious choice … [Read more...]


Don’t Frack With California

A new kind of "gold rush" fever is gripping America. It's the rush to unleash  hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") technology on American  fossil fuel deposits that have hitherto been too expensive to develop profitably. Fracking is dropping the cost … [Read more...]


Quite an Act

The Endangered Species Act is a great example of a government intervention that made a difference. More than 1,300 species have been protected. Happy 40th! Learn more … [Read more...]

cut carbon pollution

Dump the dithering

Americans are getting tired of the foot-dragging in Congress that prevents any meaningful action on climate change. The putative "uncertainty" that has been giving cover to the deniers is rapidly being blown away by the ever-more-frightening catalog … [Read more...]