Yeah, But It’s a Dry Hate

Governor  Jan Brewer of Arizona surprised many when she vetoed bill 1062, which would have legalized discrimination against many Americans, especially gay people, in the name of religious freedom. It might be that basic political calculations are … [Read more...]


Is The NFL Ready For Its First Openly Gay Player?

Michael Sam,welcome to the history books. The Missouri defensive end and 2014 NFL Draft prospect announced Sunday night that he is gay, and plans to become the first openly gay player in the NFL. "I am an openly, proud gay man," Sam told ESPN and … [Read more...]


“Y.M.C.A” at the Winter Olympics?

The current surge of anti-gay activities in Russia have been largely orchestrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin as a way to distract the Russian people from the struggling economy by finding an internal enemy at whom to vent their rage. As … [Read more...]


Homosexual Behavior Has Been Observed Among Over 1,500 Species

Gay animals? Yes, indeedy. In fact, scientists say that members of over 1,500 animal species have been observed to practice homosexuality. "One fundamental premise in social debates has been that homosexuality is unnatural. This premise is wrong. … [Read more...]