Who Cares About Hot Meals For Hungry People?

Here's the first in a new series of posters, supporting Community Block Grants and the many programs they enable. Instead of cutting these programs, which usually help the most vulnerable people, a tiny reduction in our military budget could easily … [Read more...]

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New Poster: Tax That Baggie!

California budget problems: Ouchie! Ouchie! We'll do ourselves a favor by taxing the state's most popular weed. Conservative estimates run to over $1 billion in sales and excise taxes alone. Not to mention moving law enforcement and justice dept … [Read more...]

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Cash for California

By controlling and taxing this widely used recreational drug, California would gain $1 billion a year in sales taxes and excise taxes alone. Not to mention being able to free all the resources that now go into police and legal systems that must … [Read more...]