WIND Power Europe

Let’s Get Windy

That whooshing  you hear is the sound of electricity prices dropping in many parts of Europe, including Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In 2013, all these countries set new records for the amount of electricity … [Read more...]

cut carbon pollution

Dump the dithering

Americans are getting tired of the foot-dragging in Congress that prevents any meaningful action on climate change. The putative "uncertainty" that has been giving cover to the deniers is rapidly being blown away by the ever-more-frightening catalog … [Read more...]


New Poster: “Want to Live Where the Free Market is Totally Unfettered? Move to Somalia.”

In this election year, we are hearing much rhetoric from the right wing in support of  abolishing "job-killing regulations." Of course, there is a current example of what a completely "free" market looks like: Somalia, the ugliest, saddest, most … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Surprise Republican Loss on Disaster Relief Vote

48 Republicans broke ranks to defeat the much-contested disaster relief bill that also contains measures to prevent the looming government shutdown. This is is being widely interpreted by Beltway insiders as House Speaker Boehner losing the tight … [Read more...]

“No” Doesn’t Mean “No.”

A far-reaching anti-choice bill, introduced by Republican Chris Smith and supported by 173 members of the House, includes a provision that could redefine rape and set women's rights back by decades. Right now, federal dollars can only be used for … [Read more...]