Occupy Wall Street

Live Video Feed for the “Occupy Wall Street” Protest

This video feed is also showing footage from last night. The aim of this group is to take a lesson from the protesters in Tahrir  Square in Egypt and launch a demonstration that doesn't simply go away when the day is over.  Today, Sept 17, is Day … [Read more...]


Photos from the “We Are One” Rallies Today

Today there were more than a thousand "We Are One" rallies across the United States. Political Loudmouth went to the rally in San Francisco, and PL readers are sending in their pix as well, from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Washington, British … [Read more...]

Rock County 1

Our Posters at Work in Wisconsin

Here are some photos from the Rock County Working Families demonstration on March 29, 2011 in Janesville, WI. We made this set of posters for them. You go, proud Wisconsonites! Thanks to Angela Fischer Smillie for  helping make this happen. See … [Read more...]

Tea Baggers Are Icummen In

This just in: The Tea Baggers have announced that they are on their way to sort out all those lazy Wisconsinites. After having the field to themselves for two years, I think they're amazed to find anyone else with the temerity to step into the ring. … [Read more...]