Talking to You, House of Reps!

We've come way too far to have shortsighted political scheming threaten some of the most important legislation in the last 50 years.  Go to this .gov site to easily send an email to your Representative.  Get free downloads of this poster to share at … [Read more...]

More Health Care Reforms Are Kicking In Now

On January 1st, 2011, a whole slough of new reforms snapped into place. Among them, it is now law that health insurance companies have to spend at least 80% of your premiums on caring for you. Their operating costs and profits are restricted to the … [Read more...]

Troll in a Hole

In this video clip, we see Jedi Master Jon Stewart trapping Bill Kristol. You have to wonder how this strangely smug, smirky little troll came to be considered one of the leading intellectual lights of the Party of Lincoln. Mmmm, these aren't the … [Read more...]