NFL = “Nonprofit Football League?”

Fairleigh Dickinson University conducted  a survey recently that found that most Americans have no idea that NFL has managed to get itself classified as a nonprofit for tax purposes. Only 13% of Americans are aware of the League's "nonprofit" … [Read more...]

National Guard = 2x(y-z3)

Here's another poster from the set of posters we created for the Appleton North High School students who are marching to support their teachers and school. Click the poster above to download a printable version. See other recent posters … [Read more...]

Corey - Co-exist

A Loudmouth Takes on “National Organization for Marriage”

We're so proud to see a bold spirit like J Corey Davis taking on the "National Organization For Marriage" in Indiana. When this well-funded and highly-connected group  held one of their rallies in celebration of narrow-minded bigotry, Corey sallied … [Read more...]