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New Friends of the Earth Ad

Here's the new ad put together by Friends of the Earth, NRDC, and the Clean Air Task Force. If you'd like to say something to BP about this issue, you can contact them here. Although you'll probably get more bang for your buck by connecting with … [Read more...]


Oil Spill Fundraising Party

These globally-minded teens created their own event to raise funds to help the oil spill clean-up effort.  Their catastrophe cake is very impressive. And - hey! - those posters look pretty sharp. Thanks for including us, Laurel and friends! … [Read more...]

BP Coffee Spill Spoof

The UCB Comedy Team Takes a Look at a BP Meeting

What would happen in a BP meeting if someone spilled coffee?  The comedy whizzes at UCB are ready to show you. 8,000,000 YouTube viewers can't be wrong! See the video … [Read more...]

BP Spill Sign photo

Is This Sign Real?

Alert reader Todd shared this photo of a sign at a BP station with us. Is it real or is it shoop? Only the BPoids know for sure! … [Read more...]

Live Feed from Spill

Incredibly, you can see live what's happening at the Deepwater Horizon well site. PBS News Hour has created a widget to share the feed with viewers worldwide, along with their estimation of how many gallons have leaked so far. [Warning: May cause … [Read more...]