Our Voices Are Being Heard: Ohio Republicans Afraid to Pass SB 5

                        Ohio's Republican-controlled House of Representatives is scared to pass SB 5, which ends collective bargaining rights, because of the people's outcry and … [Read more...]

Recall Muammar Walker T-shirt

Recall Muammar Walker T-shirts

We've been getting lots of requests for these lately,so here they are: "Recall Muammar Walker" T-shirts, and for our Michigander friends, "Recall Muammar Snyder" T-shirts. Remember, the only good dictator is a deposed dictator. Click here to go to … [Read more...]


Recall Muammar Walker

Dictators are easily recognized by the swirl of rage that surrounds them. Let's help ourselves and our fellow Americans and usher this dictator to an early retirement at the Land 'o Lard Golf Club and Easy Living Village. To download a printable … [Read more...]

Let the Recalls Begin!

Recalls, or even a credible threat of one, can often be a very effective weapon in making the opposition back down. Everything changes when an attacker suddenly finds themselves on defense. To download a printable version of this poster, just click … [Read more...]