Please Sign Sen. Al Franken’s Petition to Overturn Citizen’s United

Please join Sen. Al Franken in pushing Citizens United towards the dumpster of bad ideas. Sign Petition Here … [Read more...]


Is “Stand Your Ground” Only For Non-Black People?

“Stand Your Ground” has changed the legal landscape in Florida Hard numbers tell the story. Before 2005, a shooting was generally considered self defense if an assailant had tried to enter your home and you could prove that you used deadly force … [Read more...]


NFL = “Nonprofit Football League?”

Fairleigh Dickinson University conducted  a survey recently that found that most Americans have no idea that NFL has managed to get itself classified as a nonprofit for tax purposes. Only 13% of Americans are aware of the League's "nonprofit" … [Read more...]


New Poster: “Should You Have to Prove To the IRS That You Were Raped?”

Should rape and incest survivors be forced to prove that they were assaulted to the IRS? Amazingly, the Republicans in the House of Representatives have answered with a resounding "Yes!" HR 3, the bill that includes this provision, has now passed in … [Read more...]


Who Cares About Hot Meals For Hungry People?

Here's the first in a new series of posters, supporting Community Block Grants and the many programs they enable. Instead of cutting these programs, which usually help the most vulnerable people, a tiny reduction in our military budget could easily … [Read more...]

Check to Big Oil.jpg

New Friends of the Earth Ad

Here's the new ad put together by Friends of the Earth, NRDC, and the Clean Air Task Force. If you'd like to say something to BP about this issue, you can contact them here. Although you'll probably get more bang for your buck by connecting with … [Read more...]

BP Spill Sign photo

Is This Sign Real?

Alert reader Todd shared this photo of a sign at a BP station with us. Is it real or is it shoop? Only the BPoids know for sure! … [Read more...]