New Poster: “Want to Live Where the Free Market is Totally Unfettered? Move to Somalia.”

In this election year, we are hearing much rhetoric from the right wing in support of  abolishing "job-killing regulations." Of course, there is a current example of what a completely "free" market looks like: Somalia, the ugliest, saddest, most … [Read more...]


New Poster: “Want to Live in a Place Where God’s Law Is Supreme? Move to Somalia.”"

It's a seductive idea, isn't? Implement God's law in the country where you live. And then everyone will have to live the way you—I mean God—thinks they should. The tricky bit comes when other people show up with their God, and their law. And they're … [Read more...]


New Poster: “Wish You Could Turn Back The Clock on Women’s Rights? Move to Somalia.”

Here’s a poster you can share with all your conservative friends and family. It should be great news for them to know that there IS a place in the world where they can pursue their agenda without interference from all that danged government, and … [Read more...]