New Essay: “Egalitarianism Was a Crazy Liberal Idea”

In last few decades, American conservatives have worked hard to put about the idea that liberals are elitists. To a surprising degree, they have been successful, at least with some portions of the population. How did this happen? And where did idea … [Read more...]

Rep Broun (R) Laughs at Question About Assassinating Obama

BREAKING NEWS: Rep. Broun (R) empathizes with man who who asks, "Who's going to shoot Obama?" "Some say the Republican congressman should have condemned a supporter who questioned him about assassinating the president." Some? Read the whole story … [Read more...]


No American Sharia

There’s a wave of legislative attacks on women’s rights happening right now. The current move by a small group of older males to seize control of the lives and sexuality of all women is gathering force, and the intent is as ugly as that of any Bronze … [Read more...]

Talking to You, House of Reps!

We've come way too far to have shortsighted political scheming threaten some of the most important legislation in the last 50 years.  Go to this .gov site to easily send an email to your Representative.  Get free downloads of this poster to share at … [Read more...]