Get The Latest Numbers On the Prosser/Kloppenburg Election in Wisconsin

It's the election for Wisconsin Supreme Court. Prosser is the (R) incumbent. Kloppenburg is the (D) challenger. Reults as of this moment are: REPORTING 69% Joanne Kloppenburg 532,568 50% David Prosser … [Read more...]

Boykott Koch - Wallet

Wallet Card Version: Boykott Koch Krap

Here's a wallet-sized version of the "Boykott Koch Krap" poster. Of course, the Koch brothers manufacture many products, including those used by other manufacturers, but let's start with what's easy and move on from there. They may be jillionaires, … [Read more...]

Video: Here’s What Happened Last Night in Wisconsin

This is the kind of thing video is made for: Without witnesses, this moment would have passed unnoticed, and the GOP's ugly quasi-legal power grab would simply bull through without consequences. With video, it's available for everyone to see. See … [Read more...]

Live Vid snap

Live Feeds from Wisconsin: What’s Happening Right Now

History is happening right before our eyes! Click the links below to see and hear live feeds. See the LiveStream feed from the State Capitol in Madison, WI. A choice of severalĀ  Air Video Streams from around the Capitol in Madison. Live … [Read more...]


The Heart of Wisconsin Still Beats Strong

The Republican Party in Wisconsin is making a last-ditch effort to circumvent the will of the people by engineering what many consider to be an illegal act: A hasty severing of the budget bill to create a pure union-buster that the Senate Republicans … [Read more...]