Don’t Frack With California

A new kind of "gold rush" fever is gripping America. It's the rush to unleash  hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") technology on American  fossil fuel deposits that have hitherto been too expensive to develop profitably. Fracking is dropping the cost … [Read more...]


Homosexual Behavior Has Been Observed Among Over 1,500 Species

Gay animals? Yes, indeedy. In fact, scientists say that members of over 1,500 animal species have been observed to practice homosexuality. "One fundamental premise in social debates has been that homosexuality is unnatural. This premise is wrong. … [Read more...]

Holiday Christmas Creche

Happy Holidays!

It's the day we celebrate family values! Please share, friends! … [Read more...]


Is There Really a War on Christmas?

Is there really a war on Christmas? Let’s listen in to some of the public conversation. 1. “I hate how Christmas has gotten so commercialized these days. It didn’t used to be like that.” Did you know that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was … [Read more...]


Quite an Act

The Endangered Species Act is a great example of a government intervention that made a difference. More than 1,300 species have been protected. Happy 40th! Learn more … [Read more...]


Happy Thanksgiving!

[Read more...]

cut carbon pollution

Dump the dithering

Americans are getting tired of the foot-dragging in Congress that prevents any meaningful action on climate change. The putative "uncertainty" that has been giving cover to the deniers is rapidly being blown away by the ever-more-frightening catalog … [Read more...]

Food stamps

Oh, the horror!

Remind me again how the cost of food stamps became the Great Downfall of America? Learn More … [Read more...]

ted cruz coke

Time For an Intervention?

What's the first sign of an addict? They try desperately to hide their addiction from everyone else. Some would say Sen. Cruz's recent efforts in this area are really a cry for help.   > Read the full story here. … [Read more...]